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Advising Small Businesses, Corporations,
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HLS Attorneys work with clients who today demand flexibility in billing arrangements, and expect legal work product to be narrowly tailored to reflect prevailing best practices.

There is also an expectation that lawyers should be able to formulate legal solutions in the context of business trends and industry best practices that apply to a client’s particular business operations. Lawyers should absolutely try to deliver on these expectations because legal issues do not occur in a vacuum.

At HLS we try to accommodate clients’ preferred methods for maintaining rapid, secure communications flow. In addition to email and phone calls, work updates are routinely delivered via our secure portal, SMS texts, and video-conferencing (Zoom®and Microsoft Teams®).

New York / U.S. - Based Corporations and Foreign Companies Operating in the U.S.

Protecting Long-Term Profitability and Timely Handling Short-Term Urgent Matters

SMEs and Start-Ups

Structuring Shareholding, Protecting Intellectual Property, Operating Agreements and Commercial Contracts

About HLS Attorneys

Advising Corporations
and Individuals

Established Track Record Advising Corporations in New York, Across the US and Internationally.

“Sector-Focused” Attorneys Stay Updated on Clients’ Industry Developments, to Adjust Advice to Meet New Developments

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“Client Expectations Concerning Legal Services Are Changing Dramatically.”

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“The Most Progressive Law Firms Embrace Change and Adapt Constantly, to Most Effectively Solve their Clients’ Pressing Business and Personal Legal Issues.”

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