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HLS Attorneys’ Clientele

New York / U.S. - Based Corporations and Foreign Companies Operating in the U.S

Protecting Long-Term Profitability and Timely Handling Short-Term Urgent Matters

Structuring Shareholding, Protecting Intellectual Property, Managing Rounds and Growth Phases and Closing Exit Transactions

HLS Attorneys’ Clientele

SMEs and Start-Ups

Specific Client Profiles

Manufacturers Of Specialty Products - Including:

Health care products for human and companion animals

Premium floor covering products for iconic installations

Environmental air quality monitoring device distribution/installation company

Oil And Gas Specialty Companies - Including:

Concession-holders/operators and specialty service providers in U.S. and Middle East

Manufacturers of niche products and supplies for oil and gas platforms/installations

IT Industry Software As A Service Providers, And Incubator/Accelerator Programs - Including:

Logistics companies focused on fleet management and optimization

Healthcare online access platforms

Numerous investment and training start-up platforms based in the U.S. and overseas

Systems integration companies focused on financial and real estate industry clientele

IT social media portal focused on soccer industry globally

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