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HLS Attorneys’ Clientele

New York / U.S. - Based Corporations and Foreign Companies Operating in the U.S

Protecting Long-Term Profitability and Timely Handling Short-Term Urgent Matters

Structuring Shareholding, Protecting Intellectual Property, Managing Rounds and Growth Phases and Closing Exit Transactions

HLS Attorneys’ Clientele

SMEs, Start-Ups and Venture Capital/Private Equity Firms

HLS Attorneys’ Clientele

Family Office Holding Companies and Individual Estates

Preserving Across Generations the Assets of Family Businesses, Real Estate Holding Companies and Individual Estates

Specific Client Profiles

Manufacturers Of Specialty Products - Including:

Health care products for human and companion animals

Premium floor covering products for iconic installations

Environmental air quality monitoring device distribution/installation company

Health Care Service Providers - Including:

Globally recognized medical and academic center

Numerous specialized private health care clinics

Hospitality Industry Holding Companies - Including:

Special purpose entities owning/operating hotels

Numerous franchise brands and restaurants

Oil And Gas Specialty Companies - Including:

Concession-holders/operators and specialty service providers in U.S. and Middle East

Manufacturers of niche products and supplies for oil and gas platforms/installations

Professional Sports And Fine Arts Industries - Including:

Specialty consulting companies owned by internationally prominent retired hockey and basketball players

Prominent government-owned museum and artists’ private holding companies

U.S. And Foreign Family O ce Holding Companies - Including:

U.S. and Canadian diversified family business holding companies

Royal family member private offices based in the United Arab Emirates

Defense Products And Services - Including:

IT security service providers and product manufacturers

U.S. sub-contractors specializing in support services and procurement

Technical translation company, training overseas military teams on U.S. technology

IT Industry Software As A Service Providers, And Incubator/Accelerator Programs - Including:

NYSE-listed software simulation company focused on nuclear industry training

Globally recognized Fortune 100 financial transactions processing network

US-based shipping industry electronic transactions portal with foreign operations

Numerous investment and training start-up platforms based in the U.S. and overseas

Systems integration companies focused on financial and real estate industry clientele

IT social media portal focused on soccer industry globally

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